The Most Common Cause of Food Poisoning Is Due To Norovirus

norovirus-in-restaurantsNorovirus is a group of viruses that are responsible for giving you symptoms that are commonly attributed to the well-known “stomach flu.” Noroviruses are also often called food poisoning because the most common cause of food poisoning is Norovirus, statistics from the US affirm. They are referred to as food poisoning because they can be transmitted easily through the food that’s been contaminated with the virus. This is why many outbreaks occur on cruise ships and other crowded and public areas.

If you are infected with Norovirus you can expect to experience some discomforting symptoms. Each year on average in the United States the Norovirus causes between 19-21 million cases of acute gastroenteritis. It also leads to roughly 1.9 million outpatient visits that are mostly children. It also contributes to roughly 56,000–71,000 hospitalizations as well as between 570-800 deaths, mostly among young children and the elderly.Two of the main symptoms with Norovirus are diarrhea and vomiting, the viruses will inflame your stomach and intestines so this can also cause you stomach pain. Many have experienced nausea as well, among other symptoms.

Once someone has been infected from eating contaminated food, the virus can then quickly pass to another person and then on to a third person, this can easily start an outbreak. The virus can spread through shared food, shared utensils, by shaking hands with people, or through other types of close contact. People who have a weakened immune system, like the elderly and young children, are more susceptible to catching Norovirus and might have a more difficult time with the symptoms.

When you catch the virus it is important to hydrate your body because you are going to be losing lots of fluids. Keep in mind to drink fluids that are healthy for the body, get plenty of rest, and the body should be able to make a full recovery within just a couple of days. Along with stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea, you may also experience cramps, chills, possibly a headache, fatigue, or muscle soreness. The infection is going to vary from person to person, however these are some of the common symptoms which are associated with the virus infection. It is easily treatable and easy to diagnose, the body can heal itself with proper fluid and rest. The diarrhea and vomiting can easily deplete your body of necessary and vital fluids so it is important that you remember to keep hydration as a priority throughout your sickness. It is highly contagious so it is important to remember to wash your hands thoroughly, whenever you come into contact with new surfaces. It is good to use hand sanitizers but this might not kill all of the bacteria if you have picked it up. Also, if you want to clean the bacteria from your household surfaces you will need to use bleach and hot water.

Unfortunately, with Norovirus it is easy to pick-up the virus from a hard surface even days after someone else has touched it that was infected with the virus. This is why it is always important to remember to wash your hands because you never know what you might be touching when you are in public places and areas that many people frequent. Washing your hands can largely decrease your chances of picking up the illness in the first place. Routine inspections are conjured repetitively in order to search through various foods for Norovirus contamination.  Unfortunately the virus can be airborne and this way it can be transmitted easily to other individuals, so you never can be too careful.

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