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Real Norovirus Stories:

“Was at a collage trip to a zoo when my stomach started to feel super dodgy. My tutor gave me a lift back home and I made it until we got the the corner of my estate before I threw up outside the window of her car. I was so violently sick that I almost hit people on the other side of the road, waiting for the bus. That scared me quite a bit.

I got into bed and my nightmare began. I couldn’t move, couldn’t eat or take anything for the pain. I just tried to sleep through the worst of it. I was lucky I only had to deal with throwing up. Some people have both and that would be beyond painful. I have had both on separate cases and neither of them were much fun at all. This is the most evil virus I have ever had. You cant do anything. At least with the flu you can sort of move around. This virus will have you ON THE FLOOR, more then likely the bathroom floor. Its evil. Thankfully it only lasts a few days and then you feel amazing. But for those 3 or so days you just want to die.

What I remember most is the pain in my back from dry reaching and throwing up water and pills. It hurt throwing up constantly for days, especially when there is nothing in your stomach.” – Susan


“I was sleeping and then all of a sudden my brother woke me up by crying he then went to the toilet and vomited. I was hoping it was something he ate but i was short lived on that idea when he vomited again. I knew it was the Norovirus. My heart was beating and i started to panic. I couldn’t sleep. I was just thinking about vomiting. I myself was crying throughout the night because I hate viruses. Anyways in the morning I had some egg and beans as breakfast and then after a couple of hours my stomach started to feel funny and i knew it was the virus. I vomited once and then slept for about 6 hours. I then woke up again feeling better, I got a glass of water and then I felt sick again and vomited. I slept for the night and when i woke up… Tah dah… I was back again normal, what a relief.” – Hakim


“Our daughter got it in school near xmas. She slept on top of the bunk bed. About 3am my wife and I heard a strange noise.  “Oh no”… she was throwing up and it was landing on the floor. This was the first encounter. If I knew then what I know now, I would have just set fire to house and ran, but seriously it went everywhere. A day later I got it. Around 3am I started getting really bad stomach pains. I thought, “maybe it’s just normal stomach trouble”. I woke up 1hr later and I knew immediately I had to go sit on the toilet. I was getting a very ill feeling. Rushing heat, dizziness, waves of horrible nausea. I totally go to pieces from nausea. I hate it. I only threw up for about 1 hour but for next 36 hours I was way too sick to do anything. I felt like I would throw up any second. After the hour of extreme throwing up I got what was my first panic attack but had no idea what it was. That was 2007. Two years later got it again, but not as bad. Now when winter comes, I am very careful about fast food or any food that has not been heated to high temperatures. Beware of salads, and public places. Good luck and God bless” – Dan


“Well back in 2003, I was 13 years old. It was New Years Eve and I was staying at my Aunties house. We had a great night! I stayed up late watching “Back to the Future” and eating late night snacks. I also had a sip of an Alco pop when 12 o’clock hit. I felt really grown up haha. I felt fine when I went to bed. I was tossing and turning in the night with strong acidy stomach pains then eventually at 4am I woke up with the most horrendous sickness feeling.  I had to literally run for the toilet. On the way to the bathroom, I was feeling very sick and trying to hold it back.  I then proceeded to projectile vomit everywhere! It was awful. Even my Aunty was in pure shock. I felt fine afterwards and thought it was over now that I was done being sick.  I went downstairs with my Aunty and put the TV on and had a sip of water.  Little did I know I was going to constantly sick for the next 24 hours straight. Approximately every 15 minutes I would vomit. No matter what I had in my stomach, it came up. Even if I didn’t have anything in my stomach, I was in so much pain from retching. It was hell! I didn’t really have any diarrhea, just vomiting. I felt a bit better by the next day, but I was still a little off. I did not fully recover until 3-4 days. My Aunty also caught a mild version of it in the meantime. I thought it was food poisoning but now I know it was Norovirus. Worst bug ever! I have not had it since (knock wood). I am so paranoid now and hope I never get it again!!! I feel so sorry for anyone who gets it. If I catch it again, I’d eat some ice cubes as nothing stays down when you have Norovirus..” – Victoria


“Ate normally on sunday evening, but on Monday 5am was woken up with a ghastly nausea.  I vomited forcefully into the sink [BIG mistake!] thinking that my stomach would be empty.  The force of the vomiting made me wet myself too.. the indignity!  Thankfully I didn’t have the squirts.  Cleaning up made me heave further..  This virus is a beast…the repeated dry heaving can be so exhausting, it is actually easier to sip tepid water than to have nothing for the stomach to contract against.  The thing to remember is ”these things pass” I locked myself away when I catch it, bleach everything in the lavatory afterwards, and don’t prepare food for anyone for 48 hrs after vomiting.  My son bought himself a pungent burger from a takeaway, and bought me a milkshake. [very kind, but couldn’t drink it]. He said ”I had to turn up the Telly to drown out the sounds of you honking like a seal!”.  Astonishingly, transmission in the house to others was prevented.  Soap and water for hands and bleach for the bathroom are your best friends.  Washing hands before eating [snacking] is essential, in case we have touched a surface where there are viral particles.” – Anonymous