Donald Trump Fist Bumping Rather Than Shaking Hands To Prevent Spreading Germs

For once, the Donald Trump, one of the contenders for the Republican ticket to the presidency is right in exercising caution over the use of handshakes in his campaign trail. Mr. Trump prefers fist bumps over handshakes. This preference is premised on the fact that fist bumps spread less bacteria than handshakes. Apparently Donald Trump is not the only politician with a preference for fist bumps over handshakes. President Barack Obama also has a liking for this form of greeting. According to researchers, fist bumps are the wisest greetings especially during flu and cold seasons.

In a recent “fake candidate” debate, the team heading Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns asked voters whether they would elect a candidate who strives to shake the hands of all of the people he interacts with in the campaign trail or a germaphobe. This question was inspired by a attack from Jed Bush, a fellow Republic ticket contender who branded Donald as a “germaphobe”.

Trump’s form of greeting should not be seen as impersonal or non-serious. Considering that handshakes are notorious for spreading most infectious diseases, it is safer for the presidential contender to stick to fist bumps. Such a cautious move does not only aim to protect him from infection, but also protect those he interacts with in the campaign trails in different cities and states.

The contagious norovirus is not a respecter of persons. Noroviruses are readily transferable from one person to the other through touch, ingestion of small quantities of fecal matter or vomit or infection from food. The spread of these notorious noroviruses peaks during the cold season. Noroviruses can be spread easily in crowds, nursing houses and hospitals, day-care facilities, college campuses and cruise ships.

If left untreated, an infection from a norovirus can turn fatal. Infections from this germ are considered to be the main cause for acute gastroenteritis in the U.S. According to statistics from the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention, the bug kills about 800 individuals sickens 21 million people per year. Noroviruses have the ability to mutate and produce new virulent strains. Ben Lopman, an epidemiologist from the CDC observes that new cases of norovirus infection have been on the rise.

To forestall or avoid an infection from the notorious norovirus, you are highly advised to consider the employing the following measures:

• Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and running water after coming from the washroom or changing your baby’s diapers. You should also clean your hands before taking a bite.

• Clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces with a strong disinfectant agent.

• Thoroughly clean your clothes and put on gloves when cleaning contaminated surfaces.

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